Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Those Lessons They Never Taught Us in School
This story relates how a big brother who didn't make it to high school or college -- through his own innate common sense -- taught his little brother, who graduated from high school and college, more than any teacher or professor he ever had.

Don't Test; Teach!

In the dozen or more years we spend in school, we spend thousands of hours taking tests -- quizzes, mid-terms, finals, SATs, aptitude, psychological, intelligence. Much of it is a waste of time. We'd be better off if we spent part of that time learning something new.

Educate Parents, Not Kids
Before we entered the "modern" age, it was not uncommon to differentiate between education and job training and propaganda. Today, it seems, people (and specifically educators and government officials) consider these three things to be virtually the same.

A Scary Peek Into the Future
I found myself leafing through the pages of a newspaper the other night. The paper was dated Nov. 13, 2027. While it was exciting to peek into the future, it was, overall, a sad experience.

Language Demands Integrity
If man did not have language, I fear mankind would not have made it as far as the Dark Ages. More aptly, without language, yours truly would have no means of penning this meager effort, which is intended to warn of the danger involved in politicizing the English language.

School Board: Let Educators Do Their Job
Norwalk's superintendent of schools has been unfairly criticized after the city's school board chairman unwisely halted distribution of his newsletter. The chairman's job is to set policy, not to run the day-to-day operations of the school administration.

Reaching for the Stars
Perhaps the noblest goal for anyone to pursue is simply to attain an education. Few may argue with that simple statement, but, perhaps, few would see the goal in the same light. We are all constrained by the need to make a living, but we can still reach for the stars.

We Should Be Reaching for the Stars
Old-timers like me lament the decline of moral and ethical values we've all witnessed over the last several decades. We were, and are, far from perfect. We've said and done things we're not proud of, but, then, we're human aren't we?

Educators Heading the Wrong Way
It's the first thing you hear whenever children get into trouble: Where are the parents? Of course, parents are responsible, but the real problem is that America's school systems have not kept up with the changing nature of our economy, nor with social advances.

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